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Why business agility is important

50%+ delivery performance

    • Know what to do next and how much of it
    • Teams of teams operating a common way of working
    • Continuous improvement mindset
    • Detectable in time to market, quality, productivity

30%+ boost in customer satisfaction

    • Client centricity
    • Input streams of valuable data
    • Increased ROI for the innovation efforts
    • Visible in acquisition, NPS, product and service ratings

30% better employer

    • Environment designed for growth and achievement
    • Transparency, purpose and focus 
    • A winning edge in the war for talent
    • Measurable in employee engagement, retention, referrals

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How to unlock the benefits of agility

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The Agile mindset, practices and tools are designed to improve the way you manage your business by amplifying key organizational aptitudes:
(1) strong leadership; (2) optimized processes and innovative products; (3) predictable and disciplined delivery; (4) a culture of learning and wellbeing.
Strengthening up these abilities generates momentum for growing the business and gaining competitive edge.

(1) Provide guidance and an environment suited for learning & self-organisation: remove impediments and silos, act as servant leader.

Give your autonomous cross-functional teams a mission and purpose to pursue more than a plan to follow. Lead by intent, foster and rely on accountability and smart trust.

Have them teaming up and learning from each other, not directed and controlled. Because organizations are nothing more than teams of teams.

(2) Develop customer intimacy to innovate and continuously improve your products, services and processes based on their quick feedback.

Think digital and automate work to free up capacity for more strategic activities with greater added value. Gather data and process it into intelligence. Only then appeal to intuition and creativity to innovate and disrupt.

Articulate value, experiment, focus and prioritize relentlessly. Because they who use your products are more important than the product itself.

(3) Agile delivery relies on responsiveness, speed and built-in quality to meet customer and market demands.

When executed well, things get done, value is generated, people are aligned and risk is minimised. Keep your processes simple, fast and precise, measure and improve as you go.

Stop starting and start finishing. Because done now is better than perfect later.

(4) What persistently shifts organisations is culture more than anything. So, it’s always worth wondering who we are and how things get done around here.

Everyday experiences of your people cumulate and root beliefs, which drive actions, which in turn produce your results. 

Maximise learning and make wellbeing a KPI. Because happy people are ever more engaged and deliver better results.

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One may compare becoming Agile to exercising regularly. Mental and physical benefits are obvious, backed by science and well documented. It requires a mindset shift, disciplined and persistent effort. You need to learn, practice and improve. You will be tempted to quit, skip routines or cut corners. Results become increasingly visible over time and you will need to go over and beyond to achieve mastery. At one point, it simply becomes second nature.

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